Now that temperatures are starting to drop, it’s time to add an important duty to the long lists of tasks you already have within your busy schedule. We know there is a lot to keep up with during this season, but preparing your home and its roof for the winter season is extremely vital. Before the harsh temperatures hit, you’ll want to find time to get your roof inspected or you could be sorry. Here are some key reasons you should have your roof inspected as we approach the center of the winter season:

1. Spring and summer can get the best of your roof

Winter is not the only season your roof takes all of the hits. While you may not consider it, summer storms and heavy rainfall can definitely get the best of your shingles as the water is saturating the shingles, roofing underlayment and plywood decking.

2.  There could be some hidden issues

Most times roof damage can be a bit tricky, and although you may not see or think you’re experiencing immediate effects, your roof could be exposed to the impacts of weathering, aging, debris, or vegetation growth. A licensed contractor will be able to give you a deep inspection and let you know where you stand.

3.  Small issues progress into bigger issues

A roof inspection by a roofing expert gives you the information you need on any hidden issues or small hazards to avoid before the problem escalates. Small issues can add on to the bottom-line cost of replacement and materials if it grows into a much larger problem. If a roof issue exists, the longer it goes unnoticed or ignored the worse it is likely to become.

4.  Prevent new damage from the winter

It’s important to know any steps you can take to prevent new damage in this upcoming winter season. If your roof is experiencing water penetration to its underlayment or if shingles are loose and missing, roof experts will inform you of how you should proceed. If you want a long – lasting roof, it’s always better to be proactive versus reactive.

5.  Do the work before the temperatures drop


Roofing is best installed on days that are in temperatures above 40-50 degrees. Shingles become brittle and difficult to install which can cause issues for your project.

6.  Shingles need to be sealed properly

Certain temperatures in the winter can prevent the airtight, moisture resistant barrier you roof system needs. Sealing them properly will prevent the likelihood of heavy winds blowing your roof shingles away.

7.  Your roof can affect your energy bills too

Having a well-insulated home can help you save on your heating bills. The savings you benefit from can justify the costs of any repairs you’ve had done.

8.  It’s all about peace of mind

Now that you are educated on all of these factors, the worst situation you could be in is having to do a roof replacement in the middle of the winter. As we approach the holidays, this time of year is for enjoying the festivities that the winter season has to offer. Eliminate the stress by going into the middle of the winter confident that your roof is in the best shape moving forward. Click the link below and and one of our licensed roofing specialists will schedule you for a roofing damage assessment to inform you on any problematic areas and the steps you should take to ensure a peaceful winter in your home.

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